This month I’m sharing some franchising advice that I’ve given to franchisers through the years. These tips are a result of my reflections on the industry, and are dedicated to both old and new franchisers. o Walk, don’t run. Launching too many branches within a short period is risky. As […]

Can your business be franchised? If you have a thriving business that is receptive to a regional or national system of marketing then franchising may be the right choice. To help you ascertain if your business could be franchised, assess some of the qualifiers described below. First, evaluate yourself as […]

Fundraising can be done for many purposes. An institution or school may require equipments or a church may want to sponsor a mission trip. There are many ways to raise funds like selling products, organizing events, carnivals or dinners. The internet, social media and the forums can be used for […]

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits sometimes also called Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and most commonly known as Popeyes, is a chain of restaurants specializing in fried chicken and fast food. Starting its franchise in 1972, it is owned by AFC Enterprise which is a Georgia based company. Today Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits […]

The Internet offers a platform and set of communications tools that are valuable to all nonprofit organizations in your fundraising activities. Your donors and potential donors often use the Internet to check up on organizations before they make a commitment. Your Internet communications plan can include multiple points of entry […]

Here is a quick review of the basic pros and cons of buying a hotel franchise. Every investor is different. Depending on who you are some of the “pros” may really be “cons” and vice versa. Consider this a starting point in your assessment of hotel franchise opportunities. Starting with […]