Advertising, in common with other phases of human effort, is subject to the vagaries of fashion. The popular presentation of today may become obsolete tomorrow. In advertising and particularly in advertising layout fashionable changes have become so definite, regular and persistent that one can plot their progress on a graph […]

Advertisers and media industry have finally recognized the huge potential of advertising on mobile, with most mobile marketing campaigns yielding significant business opportunities and results. The inexpensive nature of mobiles has given it a huge reach, even in developing countries. Effective Steps for Advertising on Mobile Advertising on mobile, a […]

Know the Basics First off, you need to know the basics of PPC. Actually, it’s a type of sponsored links in the search results page of Google. These ads are also shown in other important places. What you need to do is bid on a number of other companies for […]

The most affordable advertising available today is PPC, pay per click, and search engine advertising. As a flourishing business PPC search engine advertising was expected to $8 billion in revenue by 2008. The whole idea behind PPC search engine advertising is creating leads. When done effectively creating leads aids buyers […]

The term agriculture refers to cultivation of plants, animals for food, fuels, clothes, medicine and other products which are essential for our living. Conventional agriculture is practiced in several ways by different people around the globe. It is well known that agricultural products have different quality from place to place […]