5 Essential Tech-based Solutions Startups Need in 2022

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Being a start-up business can be exciting, but it is also a significant challenge. The majority of start-up businesses are no successful in the long term, and so any start-up must do everything they can to be successful. Nowadays, one method of increasing one’s chances of success is to ensure that you are leveraging the right type of technology solutions. With the amount of competition in markets, and how fast-paced modern business is, a start-up needs to be agile, flexible, and able to operate quickly and efficiently in every aspect of the business.

One of the reasons technology is so important to modern businesses is because it enables an organisation to streamline and optimize various operations. We discussed this with a company that has been providing managed IT services London start-ups have used in the past. The company, TechQuarters, believes that there are certain tech solutions that every business should be utilizing.

Tech Solutions for Start-ups 

The purpose of many technology solutions used by businesses is to ensure that the organisations gets every right, and well-organised from the get-go. Technology can streamline many aspects of a business, by providing automated processes, centralising the storage of data, or making communication and collaboration easier. When we asked TechQuarters, they stated that technology can insulate a start-up against certain risks and help them create value.

Below is a list of some of the most useful tech solutions that a start-up can implement…

  1. Cybersecurity Solution

Cyber attacks and data theft is currently a huge problem in the business world. More and more small businesses – even start-ups – are becoming targets for serious cyber attacks. This is because many don’t choose to invest their limited budget into sufficient cyber protection. Though it may seem like a big expense for something that may or may not happen, there really is no excuse not to implement a robust cybersecurity solution.

  1. Accounting Solution

Financial management is critical to any business, and it may seem like a very complex aspect of one’s operations. This is why accounting software and systems are so popular with businesses. They allow an organisation to streamline their accounting and manage all financial operations in one place. There are plenty of accounting solutions that are well-suited – and even specifically designed for – start-ups; so they are well-worth investing in to make a big portion of one’s business easier to manage.

  1. CRM Solution

A business will not succeed if they are unable to market themselves to the right audience, and convert audiences into paying customers. This is the biggest challenge for start-ups; once you have found your audience, and figured out how to generate leads, and convert those leads into sales, your business can be considered viable. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions is the best way to make this process as easy as possible.

Of course, CRM won’t magically make people flock to your business with money in their hands, but it will make the process of nurturing audience relationships, and optimizing the sales funnel much easier, by providing a business with tools and actionable data.

  1. Social Media Management Solution

Following on from customer relationship management, social media is increasingly becoming one of the most valuable – free – tools that a business can use to find and communicate with their audiences via. A strong social media presence can work wonders for a start-up, and this requires a good strategy. To make it easy to develop and implement a social media strategy, a start-up should be using a social media management solution. A business can link their social media accounts to one of these types of software, and use it to schedule posts, and record and analyse data (such as audience engagement).

Using social media management allows a business to plan their activity on social media platforms well in advance, and effectively automate their presence on platforms – that makes it one less thing to worry about.

  1. Content Creation Solution

Finally, as we are discussing the ways and means of marketing one’s business, a solid content creation solution it essential. Content is incredibly popular on the internet, and the internet is one of the primary ways that start-ups connect with their audiences. For example, TechQuarters, who provide IT support central London businesses rely on, like to create content to share on social media channels. There are free content creation solutions available – such as Canva – that provide a business with the basics of creating graphics, social media posts, email banners, etc. Then there are more advanced content creation solutions – like Adobe Creative Cloud – that enable a business to create a more diverse forms of multimedia content.

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